Selected films:

All films (selected and rejected) will be notified on August 19th or earlier. Filmmakers must deliver all necessary materials by August 31st. Filmmakers of selected films are invited to the festival free of charge and are entitled to two (2) complimentary tickets to the showing of their film category as well as two (2) discounted tickets for additional guests. Additional discounted tickets or complimentary tickets to additional category screening can be arranged with the festival’s management.

All filmmakers of selected films are invited to the awards ceremony, on the evening of September 21st, to honor the winner of each category, the winner of best film, and the winner for best actor. The ceremony will be held at the same location as screenings.

Selection and judgment process:

Selection and programming of the festival’s films is done by our diverse selection committee.

Selected films are then moved forward to be viewed by our judges, an artistic panel of writers, directors, producers, and professors from around the world. The judges will then rate the different aspects and qualities of each film to determine the winners.